Blue Tulip Imprints

Blooming Tulip 

Sweet Romance

These books are going to be heavy on the story and sensual tension, but will include no open door sex, no sex outside of marriage, etc. Only soft kissing and very few swear words. Basically, these types of stories are ones that you wouldn’t mind letting your twelve year old read, or even your Great Grandma.

Blushing Tulip 

Sensual Romance 

These story lines are heavy on the sensual tension, plot driven, but can include sex and some swearing.

Traveling Tulip

Time-travel & Fantasy Romance

These stories should take the reader to another time and place. Romance sub-plot welcome, but not required.

Broken Tulip 

New Adult

These stories are heavy on the angst and drama. The age range for main characters is 18-23 and should include a strong romantic or dynamic plot driven story with tension that drips off the pages.

Young Tulip 


Target reader anywhere from 5 to 18 years of age.